I am Danijel,
your next UX guy.

I have been designing interaction concepts
and thought-out experiences for 12 years.

This is my portfolio, look around or let's talk!

  • 3 years designing for BMW at IXDS GmbH in München
  • Wide design skills and experience
  • Established work ethics and business aptitude
  • 5 years experience in freelancing
  • Masters in Economics, Business informatics

My core skills are biased towards early cycle of product development.


Practical User research, understanding business, product and the value of UX


UX concept development, low-fi wireframes and pragmatic prototyping


Desinign interaction model, hi-fi wireframes, information architecture

However, I have a wide range of design skills and multitude of experiences in diverse industries, platforms and design challenges.

Rolls Royce and BMW: Making animations for in-car experience prototypes using LEDs and materials

BMW: building car experience prototypes including multiple modalities: speech, touch, gestures, haptics and sound.

BSH: Delivering technical documentation and design assets for oven touch screen interface.

KTM: UI redesign, optimisation and delivery for production of motorbike dashboard

Outfit7: Running usability testing and UX improvements for games on mobile devices.

AVL Ditest: touchscreen UX for a car air conditioning service machines

Visionect: Designing a UX concept for a bus station based on e-paper technology

Freelance: Designing complete UX flows and architectures for numerous websites and apps; advising startups on UX

Mimovrste: Working closely with developers, delivering assets and writing design documentation

I am a creative, people-person, tech geek, super passionate about how people interact with products.


  • Outstanding analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities
  • Enjoy learning new industries and complex domains
  • UX geek: deeply interested in technology and novel interaction patterns
  • People person: great people skills and ability to make friends everywhere I go


  • Deep knowledge in design thinking methods, a strong advocate of user-centered principles
  • Professional knowledge of Sketch, Figma and all Adobe suite
  • Coding knowledge and ability to create protoypes fast

Latest Projects

Light animations in cars

Rolls Royce and BMW

2020, 2021

Ideate on visual aesthetics and information properties of light animation.
Make several explorations using LED stripes, matrix displays and translucent materials.
Produce several cockpit prototypes being presented to the board of directors at BMW.

Speech and remote control in cars



Ideate on how speech could be used in different ways and styles in the car.
Develop a new interaction model for the central dashboard.
Combine voice interctions with touch on materials and LED matrix displays, on touchscreeen LCDs and projectors.
Make an interactive prototype of interactions with remote control.
Produce documentation, present and make a documentation video.

Smartphone and modalities in cars



Ideate on how a smartphone could be integrated into the cockpit experience of the car.
Experiment with different interaction modalities: speech, touch, haptics, gestures.
Create an interaction model of media and comfort functions in a car using different modalities.
Build a physical prototype and showcase a future way of car interactions.
Act-out the experience and make a documentation video.

KTM Duke 790 motorbike dashboard redesign

Redesign the LCD dashboard of an KTM Duke 790 model, including the changes suggested by user testing, improvements to information structure, two different driving modes (regular / sport), visual improvements to better fit the design of the motorbike, design according to ISO standards and very limited capabilities of the embedded software.
Produce and deliver assets for the production version.

Client: KTM, Kiska GmbH

Tasks: UI design, UX improvements

Outputs: UI design animated concepts, Assets delivery

Industrial washing machine interface

Krebe-Tippo produces large industrial washing machines. My task was to design the touch-screen interface UX for such a machine and work with the visual designer to deliver final designs.

I insisted on and conducted user research to better understand users and the product. I then delivered a UX concept including flows, information architecture, a clickable dummy and ultimatively hi-fi wireframes for the machine which is in production today.

Client: Krebe-Tippo

Tasks: UX design, User research

Outputs: Concept prototype, Use flow, Information architecture, Clickable prototype

A/C service machine interfaces

This machine is used by mechanics in repair shops to diagnose and fix a car AC system.

The first step was to conduct user research – interviewing actual users at their place of work. To understand the product better we then conducted a workshop with the salespeople.

All this led me to quickly and efficiently produce the first lo-fi user flows and interaction model.

A clickable prototype then enabled good communication with the client and finally hi-fi wireframes and collaboration with the visual designer made sure the UX was being effectively translated into a product.

Client: AVL Ditest

Tasks: UX design, User research

Outputs: Concept prototype, Use flow, Information architecture, Clickable prototype

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