Danijel Kurinčič

Facilitating design process on intense multi-day creative workshops

Starting in 2012 I have managed more than 8 jams: intense team creative workshops on various challenges. With a couple of colleagues we have set out to propagate the knowledge of Service design in Slovenia and begin to build a community of knowledgeable designers and innovators that now breathe and feel the "design thinking".

Over 170 participants in a year

Under the umbrella of Global Service Jam and arranged in a couple of workshops with similar concept we have managed to get attention of about 170 participants in a year and built an active online community of about 230 members of local service design afficionados.

What is a service jam?

Service Jam is a multi-day event, a long workshop, bringing people with very different backgrounds together, inspiring them into creating new services or improved services and get as practical and rapid in designing service as possible.

Besides the most obvious mentioned goals of the jams: bringing interdisciplinary folks into the productive environment, to learn, to test their skills and to get them to know more about design thiking methodology, user-centered way of thinkng and service design methods ...

... also the menthors, we have learned a lot about menthoring the design process, we have found potential coworking parnters and we have tested new methods of creative process live with real challenges.

Both participants and menthors have learned a lot

The most important take-aways from the workshops by now have been:
  • Designers still haven't embraced the user resarch into their design process. It is still unseen for a designer to propose a rapid user-research work beforehand they get their hands dirty designing. Getting to people, talking and learning about clients is still an unwanted activity. Younger generations tend to get these ideas fast and embrace interviewing methodology very easily, while there is still an important understatement in old-skool'er designers.
  • Bringing unackquinted creative people together on a creative team-workshop has a tremendous creative potential. The energy, the drive and outputs have blown us menthors away. Our motivation to provide these jams for ever growing interest of public derives from exactly this magical energy that happens at the jams.
  • Creative process should be all about producing a lot of tangible deliverables in many cycles, prototyped and tested with real users early in design phase. Tangible work methods - prototypes, paper and whiteboard concepts - have a much higher presentation potential than text documents. Tangible deliveralbes also force designers to think about many design issues and decide as often as possible. This trains designers in design direction and - more importantly - enables them to think of feasibility.

End results are impressive.
And they aren't even the main output.

End presentations are always just a "side-effect" of the whole jam, as the true goal is to connect, train in creative team-work techniques and familiarize with design thinking methods. Never the less, we are proud to show-off some of the best ideas in video presentations:

Rebeat: a service for civil co-working workshop keeping used products in use and reducing the need to consume and reducing waste.

Got lost? Get found: an online service helping young people find jobs easier.

2nd Garden: a wholistically designed home-grown vegetables on-demand service, bringing healhy home-grown food to busy city occupants.

More jams will happen in the next years. We are also open to suggestions on how to bring this way of creative work into companies, please contact us!

+386 31 331 187, danijel.kurincic@gmail.com