Danijel Kurinčič

I design interfaces, conceptualize web sites and applications ...

... help make complex systems simple, help business owners to better understand users and facilitate design process on workshops and lectures.

User research, usability testing

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I am fast and very practical at observing how people behave and use that knowledge to create better web applications.

Interface design, prototyping, information architecture, use flows

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I am skilled interface designer with 4 years of experience on the web. I design interactions and user flows that make applications easy and delightful to use.

Workshops, Creative Jams, Intensive team-work

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I work well in interdisciplinary teams with business people and engineers. By holding workshops lately, I also began to facilitate creative processes.

I have learned all this thanks to people around me.

Backgrounds in economics

Many designers have problems understanding the real value of what they do. Having background in studies of Economics on Ljubljana Faculty of Economics I had the opportunity to see design things from the perspective of feasibility and meaning to people.

I was always also very analytical: wanting to get as deep into the meaning and how things work, being very curious about stuff, I always absolutely adored to dissect systems and understand this world. Due to this I have developped this ability to understand systems deeply very fast.

Love for people and interactions

My biggest pleaseure have always been people, how they interact with each other and how they interact with the world. My studies in Finland have revealed to me the Human computer interactions field of studies. The Hi-tech management courses witch I took there tought me how to look at systems, products and services from the perspective of economics: incentives of people, behaviour of masses, technology adoption cycles ...

Creative offline and online

I have always been a very creative person. Probabably it was my father who tought me to think of language as the means to create meaning and probably my mother who never hesistated to nudge me to do all sorts of creative stuff. Through years of experiences of creating things online, I have gathered enough experience and practical knowledge to cope with enough graphical design challenges to understand a good deal in asethetics.

Connected and able to lead

Lastly, I am a very connected person, I adore to be with people, I absolutely love it when I see drive in people to do new things. I have used this potential to be a good leader and events organizer proven and evolving team-work facilitator - which I have discovered only in the last years of my work.