Danijel Kurinčič

Work methods and outputs

Every project is different, there isn’t one right way to do it, but there are many useful methods and outputs.
  1. Understand the business and environment

    it is worthless to work on the project which doesn’t have sound a business model behind it, because whatever I do will not have a real, measurable impact on the business.
    I need to understand business and the environemnt by asking hard questions, listening really closely and researching.


    Business Model Canvas

    Hypotheses matrix

    Market research, best practices

    Evaluation of web potentials

  2. Understand users, their behavior and their thinking

    We are building stuff for people. Knowing their challenges, discovering their behavior, listening to their way of naming things makes sure we design services and systems around their needs.
    By conducting rapid etnography and bringing the real-world stories to the client has always proven to inspire the team, provide with very useful design material and bring some new, unforseen hypotheses to the table.

    Short user interviews, contextual inquiry

    Usability testing sessions

    Market research

  3. Design the system, service and interfaces

    Equipped with the knowledge about users, business hypotheses and objectives, we can get to outlining the solution. Depending on the nature of the project, the technology and the problem I come up with some of these outputs:

    Low-fidelity, conceptual wireframes

    Interface mock-ups, working prototypes

    Cardsorting session

    Information architecture, site map

    Hi-fidelity wireframes

    Funnel, use flows

    Systems specifications document

  4. Make it real

    Design doesn’t stop at the drawing board, some of the most important decisions are always done during the implementation.
    Being an engineer myself I can work along with ingeneers, graphical designers, systems users and executives and finalize the designed system.

    Intensive team-work with engineers

    Graphical design pitch

    Key performance indicators list

    User manual

    Analytics reporting with improvements