Danijel Kurinčič

Case study: Interfaces for a car A/C service machine.

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UI design for industrial washing machine

In collaboration with GDS we are working on the industry-leading touch screen designs for washing machines.

Date Current

Product management and UX design Topdeejays.com

Electronic music industry needs better benchmarks. Working with World's best brands in the industry (UMEK) we will try to set standards about who is hot and who is not.

Date June 2015

Service design for Rudi, an urban cart rental service

I helped a team of architects to validate and wrap up a service design project, that would make lives for residents of un-motorized city centres less tedious and more compelling.

Date Jan 2015

UX design for local Coupons&discounts online service

Transforming an outdated Daily deals website into a useful and beautiful e-commerce website using old and new tricks from the well understood e-commerce industry.

Date December 2014

UX design, product management and user research for Outfit7

I supplied the team Outfit7 a hefty number of usability testing sessions for a new game My Talking Angela, supported the product team with game design ideas and design interfaces for their Bee7 spin-off.

Date Summer 2014

H2O-Pal Water intake tracking app

I helped H2O-Pal guys design the app that enables users to track their water intake.

Date August 2014

Design touch-screen interfaces for a car AC service machine.

In a partnership with Gorenje Design Studio I designed the flows and interfaces for a touch screen. The machine is used by mechanics to repair and recharge car AC system - which made my interviews with users very interesting!

Date July 2014

Help Team Povio in Y Combinator make their app work in the States

I did a number of user research interviews with youngsters in the St. Clara uni, helped with product design and interface design.

Date Januar 2014

Redesign website of Consumers' Association of Slovenia

ZPS has long history of helping consumers understand and enforce their rights, either through their consultancy or very rich informative services. Help solve navigation problems of an established rich content provider? Yes, please! Project details

Date November 2013

As part of the Qualcomm Xprize Team Slovenia, help reinvent the health interfaces.

We had 3 workshops with doctors, getting from exploring new opportunities on how to diagnose deceases, to concrete ideas on how to create a working anamnesis. Xprize Team Slovenia

Date Summer 2013

Usability testing, user research and UX consultancy for Fieldoo

Fieldo is a "linkedin for footballers". Tremendous growth of userbase and interest from agents has made them want to continously rethik their interfaces - with users at the center of the design process. I helped them understand both football players as well as agents and helped build smoother use flows.

Date Sept - Dec 2013
Task User testing, INTERFACE DESIGN

AppChallenge: design and execution of multi-event challenge of building mobile applications

Huawei and Microsoft decided to join a number of start-up events lately in Slovenia and promote enterpreneurship spirit and mobile apps frenzy. I was invited to come up with a program different than other start-up events. In a teambuilding workshop and prototyping weekend we built a couple of strong teams we are proud of.
Website | Launch PR event | Finals report

Date Nov 2013
Task Workshops

Lecture and workshop for Hekovnik: UX for Startups

Hekovnik - small, but inspiring start-up school - has invited me to hold a workshop on UX for one of their start-up programmes. I successfuly managed to stuff many memes into a single presentation, advocate unimportance of UX for startups and finally make participants work hard in a workshop. And they said they learned a lot. Video

Date Oct 2013
Task Lecture and workshop

UX consultancy for Coaching Will

After conquering hearths of worlds diet-weght-lossers, Simplabs team have decided to erradicate obesity at its root: family eating habits. I helped them to shape their app with first-time-user in mind. I user-tested a couple of moms and helped optimize the registration flow of the application. Website

Date July 2013
Task Interface design, user testing

UX jam @ NEXT Berlin

Visiting the NEXT Berlin conference I whought It would be a shame not to enrich the programme with a workshop of my own. I was surprised about the small number of UX people actually participated this grand conference - but managed to make an impact I could with a workshop on UX anyway. An interesting interview :)

Date May 2013
Task Workshop

UX jam

With a group of colleagues we wanted to gather everyone doing UX in our little country - and made a cool jammin' creative workshop. It was fun and inspiring!

Date April 2013
Task Workshop

User research and conceptual wireframes for an online shopping start-up

They want to reinvent the product exploration interfaces, so I helpped by conducting interviews about shopping online, inventing a couple new interface prototypes and a workshop to effectively pass this knowledge to the team.

Date May 2013

Google Analytics lectures for Ministry of public service of Slovenia

They said they wanted to get GA certified, so we lectured them how to use Analytics and get the certification ... but wanted also to teach them about why to measure.

Date Feb 2013
Task Lectures and workshops

Application for tracking reproductive cycles of women

Yes, there are many period trackers, but this is not one. It is an app that enables women undergoing FertilityCare (tm) program to enter data into digital instead of paper, rising the bar of the service to the next level.

Date Mar 2013

Interactions design, UX consulting for iOS game

A work in progress. I help a group of indie developers to lunch an iOS game.

Date Jan 2013 - present
Task INTERFACE DESIGN, User experience

A quick user research for London-based stylist

... exploring how people buy beauty online. I did 3 intensive interviews with 3 very different beauty shoppers. The purpose was to dive fastly deep into beauty-shoppers minds, supply the team with qualitative user knowledge supporting their design decisions.

Date Nov 2012
Coop.Employed at DLabs
Task User research

Usability testing and UX research for online flee market platform

Another user research, 2 fat documents: interface improvements suggestions document and User behaviour exploration.

Date Oct 2012
Coop.Employed at DLABS
Task User research, UX consultancy

Interactions design, wireframes for a London-based start-up.

I designed interfaces for online application, a startup dealing with enviromental scoring.

Date aug, sept 2012
Coop.Employed at DLABS
Task Interactions design

Discovery, Interactions design and web development for London-based leather products shop

Employed at Dlabs I worked for this small leather products shop. My role was to conduct some research and define the design guidelines using inovative design methods. Year after the webstore redesign we have measures third increase in sales volume.

Date NOV 2011
Coop.Employed at DLABS

Analysis and design guidelines for Petrol

In order to set design principles we have conducted a series of interviews with internal staff of Petrol.

Date sep 2011
Coop.Employed at DLABS

2 years UX designer for Mimovrste, slovenian e-commerce retailer

I was assigned as UX analyst and designer at DLabs for Mimovrste for almost 2 years. We have redesigned most of the webstore, including checkout process, product detail, categorization, newsletters and purchase notifications. We have measured real increase in revenue due to these changes.

Date DEC 2009 - NOV 2011
Coop.Employed at DLABS